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Vote for a colleague to win this year's Act With Integrity Award

In Asda we all like to do the right thing every day and whilst integrity is not a word that we use every day, it is a big part of our culture. Integrity simply means doing the right thing all of the time and our Act With Integrity Award recognises outstanding colleagues.

Take a look at our nominations for this year’s Act With Integrity Award and vote for the colleague you feel deserves to receive this outstanding achievement at both the Asda YBM and at Walmart Shareholders Week in Bentonville!

To vote simply enter your contact details in the form below and select a colleague from the list. Please only vote once.

Annmarie Rocks – Home Offices
Annmarie has worked for Asda for 16 years and has reported to me for the past four years on the Asda Foundation. Annmarie leads by example, and her commitment, integrity and passion are legendary. She has travelled the length and breadth of the country including England, Scotland and NI, often in her own time to support community work and drive the projects the Asda Foundation supports and is always there for the store and depot teams across the country. The reaction of the teams when they see her brings to life the impact she has, their reaction is incredibly positive, warm and enthusiastic and says a huge amount about how much Annmarie is valued and trusted. In working with stores and local charities Annmarie always acts with integrity in giving advice and in liaising with local organisations to help evaluate grant applications made to the Asda Foundation.

In evaluating projects, giving advice and making recommendations she always acts with integrity giving honest feedback and ensuring that the Foundation makes grants to organisations that will make a real difference to their local communities. Through her dedication and passion in Scotland last year we raised over £2m for local charities, helped to raise over £1.9m for Cash for Kids and gave over 16,000 hours back to the community and these achievements have made a real difference to real people and help improved lives. Annmarie is a fantastic colleague whose integrity to always ensure we do the right thing and care for others makes her a perfect nominee for this recognition.

Dawn Robinson – Home Offices
Dawn is the ultimate role model for integrity across the ambient trading team and the trading floor as a whole. She is a C8 colleague who passionately cares about our integrity with customers and colleagues, championing legal retail process and consistent clear value. There are hundreds examples of how she does this over and above her role on daily basis, taking on much bigger responsibility remit than her C8 status would demand.

Dawn regularly challenges buyers and buying managers to do the right thing for stores and customers. As a C8 colleague she is never afraid to challenge her senior team to behave with integrity re retail pricing, ranging, promotions, advertising and ranging. She is an unsung hero of BWS keeping us legal and championing throughout our business and huge diverse supply base through duty deferred payment terms, BWS retail price moves, CSR strategy and product review – all buyers ask her approval before listing products! She is famous across the trading floor for rolling her sleeves up and taking on other categories workload to ensure that retails and SUMs land right first time in store. Dawn is passionate about developing colleagues and giving store colleagues a chance to enter Asda House – she recently spent her personal time mentoring a store colleague to help them secure a TA position in AH. The colleague has now been successful and will soon start in role with Dawn, still offering her personal time for mentoring and coaching.

Neil Sheehan – Home Offices
Neil has displayed fantastic leadership ability through 2013 in his role as Head of Safety and Health within the Construction and Implementation Team. For Neil there is no grey when it comes to Doing The Right Thing, he is absolutely clear that we have to strive for excellence, to get it right, first time, every time.

Working across our internal construction and implementation teams, and our external contractor and consultant supplier base, Neil has an engaging style, he delivers with passion, belief and absolute commitment, always respectful – and always clear. Neil flexes his style when necessary, and whilst his message is clear and demanding of excellence, he will often deploy humour when appropriate – he makes Safety and Health interesting and relevant, he brings it to life in his own inimitable way.

Integrity underpins all that Neil does – he walks the walk. He cares about the individual’s right to have a safe working environment. He is committed to protecting the good name of Asda. He is committed to his part in building Britain’s most trusted retailer. He will always challenge appropriately when he feels we can do better – Neil never walks on by. Further, Neil is a great ambassador for Asda. Whether speaking at retail conferences or leading work with the HSE on the management of asbestos in the workplace, Neil does go above and beyond – not because he seeks plaudits, but because he really does 100% believe that he can make a real difference to safety at work and consequently the wellbeing of colleagues and customers – that is reward for Neil.

Neil has also shown great leadership in removing underperforming external consultants, engaging with procurement colleagues to bring in new partners who are giving great service – and saving around £200k pa. Great work. Overall we have strong incident and accident rates across the teams in a year of significant activity. Neil himself would say that one incident is one incident too many – that is why he is a great and engaging leader – he strives for excellence, each and every time. He really does live up to the Asda beliefs. His actions are always underpinned by integrity, and recognised as such by those he engages with. A real role model, and in my view fully worthy of recognition and celebration.

Anne McCallum - North Superstore
Anne is a very important member of Gateshead’s Recruitment Squad. She has impeccable standards and an eye for identifying the correct behaviours in new candidates. She can do this so successfully because she is a fantastic role model who lives and breathes our values and beliers. This is sometimes difficult to do, but Anne repeatedly demonstrates that she doesn’t take the easy route, the short cut routes or the popular route.

She is highly respected by all the colleagues and often fields questions and queries from other departments as she is recognized for WAGJLL and her honesty. She takes seriously the training and accountability for the training of the colleagues. She follows up the colleagues who she has recruited in the ASDA MAGIC and follows their progression over their time at Asda. It goes without saying, that Anne is also an excellent training buddy. A specific example of her integrity rose one afternoon during an ASDA MAGIC where she witnessed another member of the recruitment squad not following the correct guidelines. Anne dealt with the incident very professionally and though it put her in a difficult situation with her fellow team members she followed it through to the right conclusion showing strength of character and tenacity.

Richard Henery – South Superstore
Richard has now been in Watford for four months, and has in that time faced the impact of a rebranded Tesco’s open just a few miles from the shop. This concept has all of the new concessions that Tesco has on offer. Richard through his leadership, and making the right decisions in the shop, has successfully led the shop through the impact, which has not affected the sales line and has protected Asda from such a large competitor impact. Richard has ensured that he has made the right decisions in focusing on standards and service to protect the customer when shopping in store. Richard is a superb GSM who is making real headway in Watford and this is all down to how he leads.

Elaine Warren – South Superstore
Our Home Shopping Manager Elaine Warren has worked relentlessly this year to deliver results with integrity. There are many examples of improved accuracy and on time figures but her biggest success is achieving three green consecutive SALA results, the only store in the chain to achieve this. Elaine and her team are keen to pass on their knowledge and great approach to delivering results and so far this year have trained 49 Managers and Section Leaders for the South West Region, with another 23 due to start in November. At Taunton Retail Academy we take great pride in delivering Integrity Always in our numbers and this is demonstrated consistently by Elaine.

Paul Robinson – North Superstore
Paul from his first day with us has acted with integrity and has always done the right thing especially when no one is looking! He started with us on a 13 hour contract due to personal commitments looking after his son. He told us he would work whatever he could around his childcare commitments and that he would never let us down. He lost out on numerous holidays because he worked far more than his contracted hours and never complained once. He is finally on a 37 hour contract and is probably the hardest working colleague we have in our Store. He is a role model and many colleagues are in awe of what he achieves and the standard he sets. He always considers others and even when no one is looking or asking, if he is putting away the frozen delivery, he puts thought and consideration into how he lines it up and what would be best for the night colleague who has to work it. Paul would have every right to boast about what he achieves and yet never has. He is humble and appreciates everyones efforts and never considers himself better than anyone else.

Nicole Reeves – South Supermarket
Nicole is highly focused on her team, doing the right thing in the right way and being consistent with her actions. I am always sure that what she advises me is the correct course of action and can rely on her to ensure tasks are carried out following the correct process. This integrity and desire to do the right thing, even when no one is watching, has earned her the respect of the colleagues and more importantly, their trust.

Rebecca Hall – North Supermarket
Rebecca is regional gatekeeper for Teesside & Tyneside supermarkets. Rebecca is a big part of the store and takes an active role in all that we do. With regards to her gatekeeping, she always acts with integrity when it comes to price change corrections. All stores are supposed to put both credits and charges through and Rebecca monitors this for the area. Whilst it may ‘look good’ for a store to be claiming lots of money every week, it is very important that PCC integrity is maintained. Rebecca not only encourages stores to do so, she also goes out to stores around the region who are struggling with the process and coaches the colleagues in their own stores. Rebecca is doing a tremendous job as gatekeeper and it is an important role that requires someone who is honest and believes in the job they are doing. She consistently delivers the figures and we can see from the weekly figures published that Rebecca acts with integrity when it comes to doing her job.

Mandy Varley – Home Shopping
We would like to nominate Mandy Varley for the Act with Integrity Award for Leeds HSC. There was recently an issue with an online grocery home shopping voucher of £50 which had been issued to a customer as a gesture of good will. This voucher did not expire once used and as such not only did the customer use this themselves they also shared this with their friends and family and the voucher code was eventually leaked onto the internet. Over a very short space of time the voucher was used thousands of times by our grocery home shopping customers. Mandy discovered that the online voucher was subject to an error and being used repeatedly to give customers discount on their shopping and immediately raised this to the management team. This type of action by our colleagues helped the grocery home shopping team to act upon the issue and stop the voucher promptly, saving considerable money for the company.

Craig McGuire – Logistics
Integrity, honesty, truthfulness and reliability. All key traits of a great leader and a brilliant Departmental Manager. These behaviours coupled with a drive to learn and develop has enable Craig to join our Step up programme to Shift Manager and respect of everyone who works with him.

He faces into any challenge with a measured and considered approach even though the message or issue he is dealing with may not be what the individual is looking to hear. He has no agenda other than to do the right thing and is always looking to improve and never afraid of asking for help. When things go wrong he takes personal accountability for combination and working with the team to put things right. He never looks to blame others and if he feels it is required he will give feedback.

Over the last few months in particular he has found himself standing up and running shift. This is never an easy position to be in with your peer group. However throughout this period he has worked with the team challenging them to understand what is going on and to do the right thing. He consistently acknowledges great performance and behaviours at all levels. He works well with everyone supporting them and encouraging them to have a go and get involved. His outlook of understanding why things happen rather than who to blame has played an important part in us eradicating a shift versus shift culture offering feedback and encouraging a more collaborative approach towork. Working the late shift in a chilled environment is never easy and trying to meet all deadlines for service, achieve KRA’s and encourage engagement is not an easy task to juggle.

Craig’s honesty and desire to do a great job means he has had to communicate poor performance which no one likes to do. However he does it clearly with no fluff and has taken time to consider what the issues are and the effect it had and then tells you what he is going to do. Craig does not and will not cut corners; he stands his ground and does the right thing. He has demonstrated this whilst working with the auditors during SALA inspections on site acknowledging where we could do better offering solutions not excuses.

In the last few years Craig has worked on all three shifts, learnt and developed his style and technical knowledge, embraced a number of significant changes on site many impacting on him, moved home and has a young family. His quiet and considerate approach along with his positive attitude and honesty engenders trust and confidence in him from others. This has definitely played an important part on the ongoing development and improvement in the sites performance at all levels. He is an excellent role model who is modest and takes pride in his team and his work. He is a worthy candidate for this award and a pleasure to have on site.

Voting is now closed: Thanks to everyone who voted. We’ll announce the winner here on the Green Room.

Posted in Green Room News on 04 November 2013