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An unforgettable 2014 International Associate Conference

Energy, excitement and loud cheering marked the 2014 International Associate Conference at Barnhill Arena. Nearly 2,000 associates from 27 countries united to celebrate the International Division to hear from some of the Executive leaders of the Walmart business from around the world.

International Associate Conference

This electrifying meeting came to a close with several award presentations. The 2014 Integrity in Action Award was presented to 12 winners from across the International division.

Four performers from Latin America were named winners of the Walmart Associate Talent Search, having been selected as the top act from more than 800 video entries from around the world.

International Associate Conference

Between each of these messages, associates from each country showed what makes their markets unique through skits, dances and cultural stories. With the World Cup set to begin in Brazil, soccer was a common theme, with the Chilean, Argentinian and Brazilian contingents all claiming national prominence.

The combination of information, culture and high energy led to an experience our International associates will not soon forget! To end the week on Friday is the famous Shareholder’s meeting, so look out for more from our UK bloggers!

Posted by Default Author on 05 June 2014