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Check out our new Simply Roast in the Bag and win star points

Simply Roast In The Bag Chicken is new to our Butcher’s Selection range making it easier than ever to cook the perfect roast chicken for your family!

The clever oven-safe bag locks in flavour to create a succulent, tasty roast chicken to feed the whole family.

To cook simply pierce where shown on the pack and place on a baking tray in the oven. There’s no mess as it’s all contained the bag – and no need for washing up after.

The chicken is already seasoned and there’s a variety of flavours to choose from – including Garlic & Herb, Piri Piri, Tikka, Extra Tasty, Sage & Onion and Sage Stuffed, Zesty Lime & Coriander and Smoky Mexican.

Each pack also has a recipe suggestion, including fajitas, risotto and curry, on the back for any leftovers – so no chicken goes to waste!

Our latest research has found that nearly a third of people throw away leftovers rather than re-using them! And 20% admit to giving their leftover food to the family pet.

Try one out for yourself today – they’re just £5 each and available in store or online at

Comment: We want to know what your favourite chicken leftover recipes are – leave a comment below for the chance to receive star points.

Posted in Green Room News on 18 September 2013