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Customers help us to create these new Brazilian-style pizzas

Our Chosen by you range puts you in charge of what gets on to our shelves – and we got extra help in to create our new pizza range.

Last year we asked our Facebook fans to suggest some new pizza toppings for the range. We got lots of great ideas back and made some tasty Brazilian-style pizzas to launch just in time for the summer of football.

We created several pizzas, based on our Facebook fans’ suggestions, and invited customers along to try them out and let us know their favourites to hit the shelves this summer.

Our Sweet Heat pizza – which is sprinkled with chilli beef, pepperoni, jalapeños and pineapple – won the customers votes for its spicy flavour and interesting combination.

The Double Decker was a clear favourite too – perfect for sharing as a tasty half-time treat. The new Double Decker has two layers and there are two flavours to choose from. The first has a base layer of garlic spread and mozzarella cheese, with a top layer of tomato, mozzarella, chilli beef, pepperoni, red onion and chilli cheese! The second has a base layer of BBQ sauce and cheese, with a top layer of tomato, grated cheese, spicy chicken, bacon, mozzarella slices and sweetcorn.

Look out for the pizzas in store on our pizza counter now – and let us know what you think with #chosenbyme.

Posted in Green Room News on 30 May 2014