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Help us save a £million and win star points for saving energy!!

Update: Week 42 is an energy focus week and a really good opportunity to concentrate on the key behaviours that increase energy consumption within your stores. As the weather starts to get colder, and the nights get longer, it’s really important that we continue with the excellent progress we have made throughout the year in controlling our energy consumption. Let’s all focus on night time usage and see how much we can save by completing closedown activity?

We want you to help us save energy! As a business we’ve reduced energy consumption by over 30% in the last five years but we need to keep going. We’ve just launched the “Save a £million campaign” – we’re aiming to save more than £1 million by the end of the year through reducing the amount of energy wasted within areas that you control.


To achieve this we need your help – please ensure that all bakery equipment is turned off after the last bake, that both freezer and chiller doors are closed and that night blinds are used (where installed).

There are many ways you can help to save money. For example, the following cost £1 each in Asda stores – night blinds used for one hour, bakery oven on for 25 minutes, freezer door open for 20 minutes, hot serve over for 2 hours and pizza capper on for 5 hours.

For the remainder of the year the energy wasted within controllable areas will be measured and compared against historical figures. The divisional region and regional store that achieves the biggest reductions will win star points. But don’t worry if you’re not a winner – all energy savings will be reflected within your individual stores annual P&L performance.

Usage will be measured against a week 1 – 34 weekly average and converted to a % reduction. Plans will not be adjusted as a result of the amount saved – benefit will be seen on P&L.

All Superstores and Supermarkets will be included in the incentive – with one store from the following regions being rewarded:

  • 1000 Best Northern Superstore
  • 1000 Best Southern Superstore
  • 500 Best Regional Superstore
  • 500 Best Northern Supermarket
  • 500 Best Southern Supermarket
  • 250 Best Regional Supermarket

Every week a dashboard will be distributed to keep you up to date with how your store is performing against the rest of your region. For more details on how you are performing please ask your manager during your weekly huddle.

For further information visit Energy at Asda on The Wire (unfortunately only accessible via an Asda based PC). Please report any issues to the City Helpdesk.

Posted in Green Room News on 10 October 2013