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Keep saving - and get your Christmas Savings Card bonus!

Christmas Savings Card

Have you got your Christmas Savings Card yet? It’s not too late to start saving for Christmas – and get a great Asda Bonus in the bargain!

Keep saving until 17th November to qualify for your bonus. Remember, the bonus you receive is dependant on the amount you have saved by this date. Take a look at the amount of bonus paid here:

  • Save £144 – bonus is £6
  • Save £97 – bonus is £3
  • Save £49 – bonus is £1

You can get a Christmas Savings Card either in store or online – those who start saving in January will typically save almost 40% more than customers who start saving after the summer.

Simply present your card at the till and choose how much you’d like to add to your card – then just keep topping it up until Bonus Day. If you want to increase your bonus you can have more than one card.

You can also protect your balance by registering your card online. To purchase or register your card go to Don’t delay any longer – get your Savings Card today!

Posted in Green Room News on 30 September 2013