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Nominate a colleague for this year's "Act With Integrity Award"

In Asda we all like to do the right thing every day and whilst integrity is not a word that we use every day, it is a big part of our culture. Integrity simply means doing the right thing all of the time and our Act With Integrity Award recognises outstanding colleagues who:

  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to acting with integrity
  • Encourage others to act with integrity
  • Set the standard for integrity in their workplace

This award is all about showcasing colleagues across the business who really live and breathe the Asda Beliefs through the integrity they demonstrate in their everyday life – whether at work or at home.

If you know someone who you feel really makes a difference, and is a great role model, please share their story with us and we could be recognising them with the Act With Integrity Award for 2013 at both the Asda YBM and at Wal-marts Shareholder Week in Bentonville!

Take a look at last year’s winner below to give you some inspiration and then get nominating using the form below!

Julie Ward

Julie Ward, winner of the Integrity in Action Award 2013

Julie has been an Asda Colleague for 26 years and for the past 8 years has been the manager of the Asda Foundation. Julie handles all the grants that the Foundation makes to projects that make a real difference to the local communities where our colleagues and customers live and work. Julie always acts with the highest level of integrity, confidentiality and total honesty. She respects the individual when dealing with requests from colleagues who are facing severe financial hardship acting quickly and
professionally to ensure that they get the help they need.

Through the Foundation, Julie has supported over 300 colleagues with donations totalling £200k. The applications for help are often heart rending and Julie finds that she has to work hard to keep her emotions out of the decision making process. On the flip side, Julie must make sure that all requests are genuine and has rejected over 100 requests. Whether supporting or rejecting requests, Julie must ensure that there is a robust governance process behind each decision.

Last year Julie helped a colleague who had hit rock bottom and was going to lose their home. She later received an e-mail from the recipients GSM who thanked her for the generous help that she had given and told her that the colleague had worked hard to repay the faith shown in him, has settled his payday loans and kept himself debt free. The colleague feels that the donation truly helped him to turn his life around and for the first time in a very long time he can hold his head high with his peers and his family.

Nominations are now closed. Thanks to everyone who nominated a colleague! Keep an eye out on the Green Room for the voting stage!

Posted in Green Room News on 21 October 2013