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Share the love for your favourite Asda products with #chosenbyme

Chosen by you products

NOTE: This article includes an important reminder about the Asda social media policy which you should read if you are an Asda colleague planning to post a comment about an Asda product on social media.

Every week hundreds of our customers use social media to tell their friends about their favourite Asda products – posting photos and comments about everything from cookies to curries; pancakes to pizzas.

We’d love to hear about your favourite products too. Just tweet, post on Facebook, share a picture on Instagram or post on Google + with the hashtag #chosenbyme to let people know about the products you love most.

It’s a great way of inspiring people to try something new – and for getting some fresh inspiration yourself! A personal recommendation from someone who really loves something can be much more effective than traditional advertising.

Click on the image below to see a selection of some of the photos, tweets and posts people have been sharing recently.

One thing to remember as a colleague if you’re posting about Asda – or an Asda product – is that you must make clear you work for Asda. If your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram profile doesn’t identify you as an Asda colleague you should make clear in any post talking positively about an Asda product that you work for Asda. If your comment is included as a link on the Asda website it will be shown with a green “A” – as in Lauren Jenkin’s tweet in the image below – to identify you as an Asda colleague to others.


Posted in Green Room News on 16 August 2013