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We talk to Asda colleague Bruce about the Cycle to work scheme

Have you heard about our Cycle to work scheme? You’ll find all the detail of the scheme under the “core benefits” section on the benefits site.

We’ve got lots of colleagues all over the UK who have already taken advantage of this benefit. Whether you’re looking to make big changes to your lifestyle or just start making small steps to getting fit – the scheme is a great way to take the first step.

Below is one of our colleagues talking about what the scheme has meant to him and how it has made a massive impact on his life:


Hi, my name is Bruce Kettle and I live in Bitterne, on the outskirts of Southampton, Hampshire. When I retired early aged 50, after 31 years in financial services, I retrained as a baker and joined Asda in October 2001. My working day starts at 5am. Parking is difficult so, although I hadn’t cycled for about 15 years, I started cycling to and from work on my old rusty bike and bought my first Cyclescheme bike in April 2009 when Asda first joined the scheme.

My first Cyclescheme purchase was a Marin Sausalito City bike. I bought it purely to make commuting easier but it is such a good bike that I have used the scheme twice more since to buy two hybrid bikes – a Specialized Crosstrail Expert in 2010 and a Marin San Rafael in July 2012. The San Rafael price was £475. I had already bought all the accessories I needed with the two previous Cyclescheme purchases. It was a great bargain as the price of the bike had already been reduced in the bike shop’s sale. Being able to include accessories in the Cyclescheme purchase is particularly useful for me as powerful lights are essential for commuting at 5am and good lights are expensive!

I use these to cycle for pleasure in the New Forest, and along the South Coast, and on the Isle of Wight on my days off, as well as alternating between the three bikes for commuting. I work part time four days a week, including weekends, and I ride to and from work all the time. I only live just over two miles from my Asda store which is in the centre of Southampton. Although this only takes 15 or so minutes each way, I finish work at midday so I often extend my ride home to take in the edge of the New Forest if it is a nice day and I’m not too tired after the early start!

The cycling has changed my life considerably. I became a Volunteer Ranger for Sustrans, the cycling and walking charity, in December 2010 and was put in charge of looking after a part of the NCN2 route near my home running along the edge of The Solent from Woolston to Hamble. Partly because of my work with Sustrans, I was chosen as a GamesMaker for London 2012 which was truly unforgettable.

Find out more: Visit the benefits site to find out more about the scheme and see how you can join.

Posted in Green Room News on 18 July 2013