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Your chance to quiz Olympic Champion Greg Rutherford

Update: Thanks for all the questions! We quizzed Greg this week at Asda House – read what he had to say below.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to win Olympic Gold? If so, then this is your chance to quiz Olympic Champion and new Asda Active Ambassador, Greg Rutherford.

Greg Rutherford

After his incredible performance at last year’s Olympic Games, Greg is fronting our campaign to Get Britain Moving through our partnerships with Sports Leaders and SportsAid.

If you’d like to ask Greg a question, please email Debbie Young: by 1pm on Monday 22nd July and we’ll do our best to put them to Greg next week. Make sure you include your name, store name and number, and a contact email address, along with your question.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Green Room in the coming weeks to hear what Greg had to say! You can find out more about Asda Active, by visiting the official website

We put your questions to Greg! Here’s what he had to say…

Love the fact you never give up no matter what life throws at you, so my question is: Did you have a saying or a word that you would say to yourself to keep you focused when competing or was it something someone else said to you? If so what was it? As it certainly worked as you won!

I do, l say something to myself just before l jump or just before l set off for my run up but l have never told anybody what it is. It just gets me into a zone and brings somebody into my memory that helps me get a rush of emotion but l have definitely never spoken to anyone about it before, so l better keep it that way.

I’ve heard you love baking, perhaps you could bake a healthy cake for our future champions? Is this true? And what’s your favourite cake to bake?

So…I am currently trying to perfect the checker board cake, now it’s not the taste I’m talking about in this cake but it is more the technique of getting a perfect checker board which my mum has perfected. It is a chocolate and vanilla sponge and when you slice it, it looks like a checker board inside. My attempts have been ok but still not perfect yet so it is really trying to nail that at the moment…

What does Greg think about the work that Asda is doing to get kids more healthy?

I think what Asda is doing is a fantastic plan and a great idea, something which is incredibly needed. As it currently stands there has been a slight gap where people have gone along with the Olympic buzz and wanted to get involved with sports, clubs and teams and everything else, however there has not been the infrastructure in place.

With the scenario that Asda are setting up, it will fill up these gaps and as a result more coaches and leaders will be out there who will be wanting to push and inspire kids to be involved in sport and hopefully as a result will be involved with sport for a very long time. One of the most important things to come along with the Olympics is having people involved with sport for the future.

Who did you look up to?

Well this may have to change as one of my inspiring athletes has just had all his Tour de France wins stripped from him…My father is a huge road cycling fan, from a young age it was always on our TV. What Lance did was amazing then him turning around and admitting that what he did was a complete lie really makes you think. Also, we have just had two or more people fail in track and field…it is painful so l will have a re-think about that question!

What does Greg eat before and after exercise? Asda works with lots of children and schools – what would he recommend them to eat before and after sport?

Something my coach often says to me is if it doesn’t grow out the ground or doesn’t run or swim itself then stay away from it. Natural foods are hugely important, l think what we see now a days it that supermarkets out price poorer families who then cannot access healthier foods because it is so much cheaper to just go and buy a can of baked beans and a few fish fingers which are cheap processed foods.

Ultimately you are paying for what you are getting, essentially you are getting cheap foods which are not necessarily good for your children, and actually they are terrible for your children… These foods create the wrong hormonal responses from the children so they need to have something which is relatively natural.

If you are going to give your children carbohydrate based foods when you are out during the day, parents want to look out more for foods such as rice, unprocessed breads and pastas rather than some of the other ‘rubbish’ products which supermarkets do sell. Plenty of protein is key to muscle recovery, we take that through shakes, however any form of meat and even meat replacement products are available now. Natural foods are the way to go about it and then just not too much food as well. Some children may eat ok foods but if you are eating vast amounts then it will still have the same response.

One key tip which l will always give out is do not eat fruit late at night. Fruit is good for you and is great but do not eat it late at night because it is very high in sugar and fructose which will store in your body as fat. Stay away from deserts, even fruit salad.

Even cakes?….

Well…unless l have baked you them!

Posted in Green Room News on 18 July 2013