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A Modest Hero Life and Saver At Blackburn Waqas Ellahi our pharmacy manager was on duty with pharmacy dispenser colleague Heather, when she noticed whilst serving customers, a mother with new born baby choking, pointing this out to Waqas, who without hesitation took them into the consultation room, pointing out to the mother what actions to take by smacking the child on the back, which then removed the matter that was causing the child to choke in the first place. It turned out that the baby's mum had fed her and Waqas's perseverance paid off as the matter came out even though the child had vomited, and there goes another to tell a tale. Waqas was shocked to have been nominated as the colleague of the month and as he will tell you "It's duty to help and save any persons life, no matter colour, creed, religion gender or age. Can anyone say that he doesn't deserve recognition? Well done Waqs and I'm sure when this youngster celebrates all that you'll be there as the first person in honour. God Bless You.

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Quit Smoking and Diabetic Awareness Promotion Today we had colleagues from the Blackburn with Darwen Council quit smoking and diabetic team carry out a joint awareness with our pharmacy, which was well received. One of the customer's who kindly spent sometime with Lisa and Christine,explained that her husband had recently been diagnosed with diabetes and was so pleased that she felt the team had made her aware of the tell, tell signs and what to do, supporting this, as the their local surgery hadn't told as much as these two. Saim was on hand, supporting these two ladies and learnt a little more himself, of advancement in various subjects, boy oh boy watch this young man excel in world of health and medicine, Waqas(Pharmacy manager)never forgot you as you're also another modest person supporting, never looking. Got him as there is a story about this young man to follow Pictured left to right are Pharmacist Saim Dalvi,Lisa Thacker (Diabetic Risk Assessor) and Christine Allan (Quit Smoking) I think that Christine is camera shy, hey don't worry we're all with you and thanks to all those customers that participated with this awareness.

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Asda Community Life 2014 Award Once again and I never thought that I'd receive another yearly award from our CEO Andy Clarke, I hope that there were many to have received this recognition for all that we community life champions do. The awards will be displayed side by side on the community board Thank you once again

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Royal blackburn hospital christmas tree donation dec 2014

Royal Blackburn Hospital Christmas Donation Do you beleive in fate? I do as I was on my way to surprise a local organisation to see if they were in need of a Christmas Tree,and I suddenly got a phone call from young Amana Iqbal ( Paediatric Staff Nurse) if I could help with any form of Christmas decorations, took it handsfree. She couldn't beleive it when I said that I'd pop over later on in the day with one. When I'd arrived she was just in the process of collecting some medication and was not informed that I was waiting for her, until she memtioned to her colleague" Wondering why Barrett from Asda hadn't arrived as he'd promised?" Her colleague felt embarresed and due to being busy forgot to mentioned,that I was on the other side of the door waiting and I was thinking the same" Good lord where is she,been waiting now for 20 mins". She came through and apologised, I said not to worry as I aviod in breaking my promise. The tree sat proudly in the corner and Steve Whittaker from Communications popped over to take photos to post and publish in the Telegraph and for us the Green Room. Pictured are as follows from left to right Emergency Medicine Sister Natalie Bradley,Play Leader Kelly Smith,Clinical Director of Emergency Medicine Georgina Robertson, myself and Paediatric Staff Nurse Amana Iqbal Front centre young is Rayyan Nadat happy to pose, poor lad hobbling on his leg. Thanks eveyone with the pose and wishing the Staff and patients at the Royal Blackburn the very best for Christmas and 2015

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Asda Blackburn Christmas Hamper Raffle Yes who says that you've no luck? Well these ladies certainly did think that and when I firstly rang both of them last night I played a little bit of a prank on Angela and said that I was from a Gas company and wanted to sell 1,000,000 tonnes of Gas and asked whether they would be interested? Well she was taken back and said ok. Well Gas would come in liquid, so it would be in litres, the penny didn't drop. Well as for Linda I told her that she'd only won an alcohol free bottle of wine, hhmm the penny didn't drop on her either as she explained that she'd recently had many prank calls. Well I didn't keep them in suspense and just told them they had won and the hamper arrived on Christmas Eve. They never imagined that the hampers would be full and over flowing with so many of the festive goodies. We would like to thank all those who participated as the funds raised would be used for 2 local charities. Many thanks for posing. Pictured left to right right are deputy store manager Simon Mackel, Siobhan Lee, Angela Lee (winner) Linda and Dave Heywood (winners)

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Mill Hill parent and Toddler Group Christmas Party Mill Hill Community Centre Parent and toddler group held a Christmas party for the youngsters. They were entertained with refreshments and a present from santa for all of them. The smiles on their faces a story all very delighted, Hmm and you guessed I was wearing a Christmas jumper and I was Santa's little helper (Elf) Pictured is Oiliver Garratty receiving his present.

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Save The Children Wear Your Jumper and Final Celebration Lunch for 2014 Colleagues wore teir Christmas Jumpers and made donations for the Save The Childrens' national run charity. I chose this picture as this said it all to me with Simon Mackel,our deputy manager and one of our new section leaders Kyle Toohill, as natural pose. Well done to all that supported, there were some that were not able to do so,but would have love to but because of the department could not do so. Thanks Simon and Kyle

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Prince's Trust Team 80 Bag Pack The Prince's Trust Team 80 carried out a bag pack and raised an amazing sum of £435.With this the team completed by covering 3 days bringing Christmas cheer to the service users of Newbarn Court Sheltered Housing (Blackburn) and St.James's Residential Home(Darwen). The service users were overwhelmed and delighted having been chosen with support. Well done to all and pictured left to right are Team Leader Helen Stanley, Prince's team,with 5th along customer Emma Frith, team member Amy Greenwood Team Leader and Prince's team. Well done to all that took part and good luck for the future.

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