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Southwest Angling Sports Association winners for the Oct/Nov Chosen by You, Given by Us vote and Mark and I visited the lodge to present Adrian and Joyce Hoole. Mark was in his element as he was reminiscing of his love for fishing - which he eventually gave up due to family, growing up with them. Adrian said "On behalf of the association we would like to thank the customers for their vote and the monies will allow us to deliver 3 more coaching session for the young people. And its a fantastic club so why not visit the website and Facebook for further details of the clubs activities" Pictured left to right are Joyce Hoole (Secretary) Adrian Hoole (Chairman) and our store manager Mark Hill

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Blackburn Sports and Leisure Centre- Leisure and Swimming Lesley Atkins and Megan Ellison from the new sports and leisure invited us to have a tour of this newly built centre. It was amazing, this a joint venture with the College/University, but sadly no "Wave" to go with it. As this was something that Mark and his family travelled from Bolton, enjoyed as the previous swimming baths and leisure centre Waves as it known had the machine that created a wave just like on the beach but covered. Pictured left to right are Heath Brandwood(Membership and Retention manager),GSM Mark Hill,and Richard Brown (Leisure, Health and Wellbeing Partnership manager) Thanks guys for the tour as we said brilliant and it will a hit with the locals and those near by

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World Book Day at Balderstone St Leonard Well just a coincidence that I bumped into an old friend David H in the town centre a few weeks ago and we had a good chat, surprised to see me walking with crutches, reminiscing the fun that we had when I first met him and his family at their business. "So where are you now that you've left the trade?" "I'm at Asda Blackburn as Community Life Champion", explaining of my role,and was pleased as he had a job for me, subject to the school approving it. Yes you've got it Book reading and just happens to fall in time as they were looking for a male to do this as they've never had this offered to them. Armed with the equipment supplied by HQ and I arrived, planned the day with teacher Jane Race. I was taken back as they were well behaved talking very quite, polite when asking questions and good listeners. When it came to the assembly all uniformed on arrival and departing back to their classes. They all loved the reading, and I suggested that I would be more than pleased to return before the next year and help with whatever I could help with. During the reading break had the opportunity to view their school work. I was so taken back that they all did joined handwriting!!!! I was told that once a week they carry this out as part of their school activity, giving them ahead start, neat. Thanks was the cry when I was leaving as do come again, I think that I'll be going back before the year is out.

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Another Eclipse March 20th 2015 Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, bet you'd love this as reality in all the movies that you starred in eh? Sorry it's all down to Mother nature, hope that you the visitors to the Green room like these

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Help For Heroes Fundraising At Blackburn Help for Heroes held a fundraising event at Asda Blackburn and raised £234.94. Area representative Wendy Singleton would like to thank the store and its customers for their generosity and support. Pictured rear volunteer Conor Holden and front left customer Harry Gudgeon with Wendy Singleton (regional organiser

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Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal Marie Curie Cancer Care carried out a fundraising at Asda Blackburn. As part of the Great Daffodil appeal, the volunteers sold daffodil pins, and raised an amazing £863.85. This sum would give 43 hours of nursing care to the patient in their own home. Sarah Fletcher Fundraising manager for the Lancashire region would like to thank the volunteers, the store's customer and management for their support. Pictured left to right are volunteer Jane Atkinson, daughters Libby Atkinson, Daisy Atkinson, Glenis Gill and Kerry O'Boyle (Asda colleague)

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Let Us Remember This is the 3rd anniversary the Corporation Park, and a few more new faces were there. The weather, what can I say cold wet and miserable, just hoped that it would stop. It did, thanks whoever's up there. The usual dignitaries carried out their speeches, and finally we all planted our placards on the bed. I said thanks to this young cadet, who held me whilst I planted the remembrance card paying tribute to all our Asda Blackburn colleagues

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Blackburn's Click and Collect Team of the month Credit where credit is due only been running for a matter of weeks and nominated as the team of the month. Well done pictured with Mark Hill our GSM is Debbie Finn and Section Leader Matt Hindle delighted to receive the award on behalf of the team. Well done guys!!!!!

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