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Here at Asda Lower Earley, we are gearing up for Reading Pride this weekend, I would love to recognise the amount of positive energy and the reaction that our involvement with Reading Pride is having on our store, so far we have around 20 Lower Earley colleagues confirmed and a good number from other stores and asda house coming, its going to be a good one! We are very excited, bring on saturday!

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 30 August 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


We presented latest our Chosen By You, Given By Us nominees from the last vote with their cheques. The latest local good causes we're supporting are Wyfold riding for the disabled, Berkshire youth (pictured), and Murdoch House, a Wokingham-based care home. Thank you to our customers for their votes, and remember that now our chosen by you given by us is bigger than ever, with £500 being donated to the winner each quarter, so please do nominate the good causes around your local stores!

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 03 June 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


One of our regular good causes we support is the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre, who I visited earlier this week, our customers donated dog food, cat food, treats and toys, which are all greatly appreciated at the centre, there are many different wonderful animals at the centre ranging from dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and even a couple of sheep! This charity is a great cause, and one that our customers love supporting, please do visit the centre; they are always happy to show you round and introduce you to some of their animals looking for a new home.

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 26 May 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


Yesterday saw our biggest donation of goods received by Woodley Food Bank, it totalled over £300 and that is a weeks collection, thank you so much to our customers at Asda Store Lower Earley for their generosity, it really makes a big difference to people's lives. Also thank you to the volunteers at the Woodley Food Bank for all their hard work every week to sort and make up food packs for people in need.

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 17 May 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


Today marks the start of SATS week for our schools, and we are supporting one local school in getting their Year Sixes ready for their tests. For some years now the teachers at Christ The King Primary School have been cooking breakfast rolls for each student taking their SATS. All of us at Asda Store Lower Earley thought that this was a great idea, and decided to help out, so we provided all the food and juice for their breakfast, and I have been helping cook the breakfast this morning. I had a great time and after talking to some of the students, it really makes a big difference to them, we wish all Year Sixes the best in their SATS, we know you will do great!

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 09 May 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


Congratulations to the Thames Vale Vultures on another great Easter fundraising event in our store, this year was their 10th anniversary and this year they beat all previous years by collecting an amazing 10,600 Easter eggs which were given to children in care homes, hospitals, hospices and special needs schools around our local area, thank you to everyone who donated easter eggs! Here are a couple of photos from the event in store, which also featured our #GiantHen

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 29 March 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


Here at Asda Store Lower Earley we have a ever growing tradition of having the Thames Vale Vultures (a local biker group) visit us in store where they collect Easter eggs for the Berkshire egg run; a yearly motorbike run which sees all collected easter eggs go to local children in care homes, hospices, hospitals, special need schools, all in all they make sure everyone gets an Easter egg at this time of year with some help from the Reading Children's Centre and the Reading Rotary Club! This year was there 10th anniversary, in their first year they raised just over 1000 eggs which they were so happy with, but this year they managed to raise an amazing 10600 easter eggs! How amazing is that! One of the biggest way that they raise these eggs is at our store, so a massive thank you goes to our customers, who are always so generous to help this amazing cause! Thank you so much for all your help everyone, and especially in breaking a new record for the Thames Vale Vultures! Happy easter everybody and once again a massive thank you from everyone at Asda Store Lower Earley.

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 25 March 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


Today I made my first return to Woodley Food Bank, who were extremely thankful for the £180 worth of food donated from our generous customers at Asda Store Lower Earley, what a great job, and what a difference that will make to people's lives!

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 18 March 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre