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Congratulations to the Thames Vale Vultures on another great Easter fundraising event in our store, this year was their 10th anniversary and this year they beat all previous years by collecting an amazing 10,600 Easter eggs which were given to children in care homes, hospitals, hospices and special needs schools around our local area, thank you to everyone who donated easter eggs! Here are a couple of photos from the event in store, which also featured our #GiantHen

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 29 March 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


Here at Asda Store Lower Earley we have a ever growing tradition of having the Thames Vale Vultures (a local biker group) visit us in store where they collect Easter eggs for the Berkshire egg run; a yearly motorbike run which sees all collected easter eggs go to local children in care homes, hospices, hospitals, special need schools, all in all they make sure everyone gets an Easter egg at this time of year with some help from the Reading Children's Centre and the Reading Rotary Club! This year was there 10th anniversary, in their first year they raised just over 1000 eggs which they were so happy with, but this year they managed to raise an amazing 10600 easter eggs! How amazing is that! One of the biggest way that they raise these eggs is at our store, so a massive thank you goes to our customers, who are always so generous to help this amazing cause! Thank you so much for all your help everyone, and especially in breaking a new record for the Thames Vale Vultures! Happy easter everybody and once again a massive thank you from everyone at Asda Store Lower Earley.

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 25 March 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


Today I made my first return to Woodley Food Bank, who were extremely thankful for the £180 worth of food donated from our generous customers at Asda Store Lower Earley, what a great job, and what a difference that will make to people's lives!

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 18 March 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


Today is Mother's Day, I hope all the mums are having a lovely time with their families! Yesterday we got very arts and craftsy at Asda Store Lower Earley and made lots of beautiful Mother's Day Cards in the foyer, suffice to say we have some budding Da Vinci's in our local community!

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 06 March 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


Today is World Book Day and to celebrate in Asda Store Lower Earley we are dressing up as our favourite book characters! Keep your eyes peeled for Frank in our Ambient department today, who is dressed as our very own 'Where's Wally', also features is a Pokemon trainer, pirate, little red riding hood and a ninja turtle!

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 03 March 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


The new grandma and grandpa gnomes have been kicking up quite a storm in Asda Store Lower Earley, all our colleagues in store love them just as much as our customers do!

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 26 February 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


I got to spend the afternoon at the lovely Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre, where they look after rescue dogs, cats, rabbits and birds, until they can re-home the animals. It is a lovely place that welcomes family visits, I got to witness the wonderful work that the volunteer cat sitters do; they come and spend time with the nervous and most cautious cats, with the aim to get them used to human contact and love in order to help find them new families, I also spent some time with two lovely resident dogs, who due to their medical conditions live at the centre, I also got to go around with a family and see all the animals, and just managed to catch puppy feeding time! Thank you to our Customers in Asda Lower Earley who have donated animal food. We take all the food with us to Dbarc, where it is greatly appreciated, thank you for helping us support a great local cause!

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 13 February 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre


Hi Guys, just to let you know how grateful I am for you all taking part in our Wear Pink for Tickled Pink weekend and making such an amazing effort on Friday and Saturday, I think it was one of our best Tickled Pink events so far, all together we raised £577.42 over the two days, which is amazing! Once again thanks to you all for helping and I will see you all soon Thank you!

Posted by Matthew Andrews on 11 February 2016 in Asda Lower Earley Supercentre